Information about the Brf Dynan balcony renovations

As you have certainly already noticed, the balcony replacements have been underway for a while now and the work has just entered its second phase.

The balcony project has encountered several unexpected challenges that have meant that the project timeframe has been extended, both for the current work on phase 1 and also for the coming stages. Finding such hidden surprises is unfortunate but it is a common situation for older buildings like ours.

The balconies in phase 1 (where the scaffolding is currently in place) are expected to be complete in Week 12 of 2021.

The construction workers will erect the scaffolding for phase 2 (Knypplerskevägen 36-42 and Snörmakarvägen 45-51) earlier than originally planned. This will now happen starting in Week 3, so that they can do everything possible to complete the balconies by the summer next year. As things currently look, there are no reasons to think this revised timeplan is not achievable, but as phase 1 showed us, many things can happen in old buildings.

The contractors, Dipart, will have their winter break between 23 December and 10 January. The workplace and surrounding areas will be tidied up as much as possible to leave the grounds of our buildings as attractive as possible before the holidays. No work will be carried out, so both the contractors and the residents will get some well deserved peace and quiet.

Dipart have also prepared an offer for Brf members who would like to have enclosed (glassed-in) balconies. More information about this option will be sent to householders separately.

If you as a resident have any queries about the balcony renovations, you are welcome to send them by email to Through that address, I will answer your questions about the renovation work – however small or big.

This is one of the few channels for information that is available today. Our initial plans to hold regular information meetings as we did at the start of the project have had to be set aside because of the ongoing pandemic.

Dipart, the Brf Dynan committee and I all wish you a very happy Christmas.

With kind regards,

Oscar Engström
Project leader, HSB Stockholm