Balcony renovations

Dipart Entreprenad (Dipart Enterprises) has been contracted to carry out balcony renovations at Knypplerskevägen 28-42 and Snörmakarvägen 45-51. The renovations are needed because the reinforced concrete in the supporting beams is showing signs of serious degradation.

The work is projected to take about 6 months to completion, carried out in two phases:
Phase 1 Knypplerskevägen 24- 28 and 30-34 (approximately 12 weeks of work on site).
Phase 1 Knypplerskevägen 36-42 and Snörmakarvägen 45-51 (also approx. 12 weeks of work on site).

The work will start in week 40 – w/c 28 September 2020, with the construction of scaffolding at the first apartment block, Knypplerskevägen 24-28. The scaffolding work will then begin on the next block, Knypplerskevägen 30-34. The scaffolding work will take about 1-2 weeks per block of apartments.

There will be noise disturbance and some other disruptions while the work is underway. One period of disturbance will be during the demolition of the existing balcony structures. The removal of these structures is expected to start as soon as the scaffolding is in place. Residents of the affected apartments will be given more detailed information about what to expect a few days before the disruptive work begins.

It is important that all residents involved in Phase 1 remove all personal possessions from their balconies by Sunday 2020-10-04 at the latest. Balconies must be completely empty. This includes decking-tiles, awnings, and other fittings.

It is recommended that valuable possessions should be removed from indoor window-sills and shelves or tables near to the balcony area. Vibrations from the machinery can cause items to move and fall off raised surfaces.

The most intensive concrete-breaking work, which will be very noisy, will be carried out over a period of about two weeks per apartment block on two separate occasions during the work-phase. At other times, there will often also be noise from the works but it will be less disruptive.

The balcony work will all be carried out from the scaffolding, and will all be done from outside of the apartments. For the period of the work, the windows and façade will be covered with protective translucent plastic and canvas sheeting. Workers will not be able to see in to your apartment. This protective sheeting will unfortunately reduce or completely block your view out.

The working hours are from 7:00 to 18:00. No noisy work will be carried out before 8:00 or after 16:00.

If you have any questions about the work in progress, please contact:
Martin Migic, platschef, 076-003 60 05
Emiljan Llambro, platsbas, 076-003 60 14